Friday, May 7, 2010

Creative Gift Wrap

Tissue Box Wrap

Rather than tossing a tissue box into the recycle bin, cover it with reused wrapping and tissue paper to create a fun, reusable gift box. The top opening is cut larger to accommodate a gift and reused tissue inserted into the opening creates a playful display. Attach small pieces of reused ribbon and accents you have on hand add to add to the box's charm.

Decorative Planter

Pull out a plain terracotta planter from the garage and sponge paint it and decorate with natural elements such as small stones, twine or leftover glass floral beads. Add soil to the pot, plant a pretty flower and you have a perfect Mother's Day gift from the heart.

The same planter can also be used as a decorative gift container. Cut out a flower from recycled gift wrap or a magazine that has been glued to reused cardstock. Insert reused tissue and the flower inside the planter for a creative alternative to a gift bag that is sure to bring a smile.

Hand-Made Cards

Mother's Day is the third biggest card giving holiday of the year, behind only the winter holidays and Valentine's Day. Rather than purchase a card, try creating a hand-made card from recycled materials. Here are a few of my ideas.

Brown Paper Bag Card

A great way to recycle a brown paper bag is to create a beautiful card. The brown paper is sponge painted with metallic bronze and gold tones. Reused tissue is used to create the flowers and accented with beads recycled from an old piece of costume jewelry. Leftover yarn is wrapped around the card for finishing touch. This card was created from 100% reused and recycled materials.

Reycled Gift Wrap Card

A floral card design can be created from reused pieces of wrapping or tissue paper. The card shape is cut from a white shirt box and decorated with shapes cut from decorative tissue paper. The stems are created from leftover embroidery floss and the flowers are accented with extra buttons. This card was created from 100% reused and recycled materials.