Friday, July 2, 2010

Popping Fire Crackers

These safe firecracker favors are made from paper towel rolls and filled with bubble wrap. They are decorated with red, white and blue scrapbooking paper and ribbon. The fuse is made from a silver pipe cleaner and a red star is glued to the end of the fuse to make it look like it has been lit. The bottom of the tube is left open so you can pop the bubble wrap to make a firecracker sound.

Click here for instruction to make Popping Fire Crackers

American Flag Masks

American flag masks make great favors and are fun to create with your kids. Inexpensive plastic masks can be found at a local craft store. They are painted with acrylic red and blue craft paint. Small stars are cut from scrapbooking cardstock with a star craft punch and glued onto to the blue part of the mask. The blue and red areas are then outlined with glitter glue to add a sparkly look.

Click here for instructions to make the American Flag Masks

Patriotic Napkin Rings

Patriotic napkin rings can be used for a place setting or displayed on the buffet table. They are created from tubes cut from paper towel rolls and covered with ribbon and star buttons. They are accented with red white and blue flowers, made from ribbon loops.

Click here for instructions to create the Patriotic Napkin Rings

Star Dessert Display

A Fourth of July themed dessert or appetizer display is accented with hand-crafted decorative stars. These patriotic stars can be used an accent for cupcakes or appetizers or placed around a table to dress up a plain table cloth. Small American flags placed in the center of the display add to the charm.

Click here for instructions to create the Star Dessert Display

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Safe Sparklers

Sparklers are a fun way to celebrate Fourth of July but these are a safe alternative for your kids. They are created from BBQ Skewers, multi-color star garland and silver duct tape. The white stars are painted with glow in the dark paint so they come alive after dark.

Click here for instructions to create Safe Sparklers

Fireworks Centerpiece

A fireworks centerpiece adds a festive touch to the celebration and serves as a great conversation piece. The fireworks are created from BBQ Skewers, star garland, foil tissue and silver duct tape. A flower vase is filled with red, white and blue floral beads to complete the patriot theme.

Click here for instructions on how to make the Fireworks Centerpiece.