Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scotch Brand Gifted Wrapper Contest

I just got back from New York. I was honored to serve as a judge again this year for the 13th annual Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest at Rockefeller Center. Eight contestants, four amateurs and four professionals, competed in a timed gift wrap challenge. We judged the contestants on technique, appearance and speed. The two finalists had to compete by wrapping a mini sailboat for final round. The winner went home with a $10,000 check! Not bad considering they had also had an all expense paid trip for them and their families to New York during the holidays.

Here is a picture of me with my fellow judges - Me (Gina Tepper), Mark Ski and Wanda Wen.


  1. hi gina! I first off want would like to share with you how much I adore your work of arts. I must say, a few days of stalking your website, I have grown quite fond of pretty much all your designs. I'm the kind of girl that plans waaay ahead and am already jotting down some cool gift wrapping for under my tree. Thanks to you, my presents will also serve as pretty "ornaments" under the tree. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. P.S. I'm happy to call myself your first blog follower!

  3. Pretty impressive work. It is apparent that you really pour your heart into your work. I love your site and the creativity throughout. Was the contest televised? Congrats! Wish you all the success in the world. See you soon I hope...
    Beastmaster....(remember me?)